Recreate a Print Brand Template for a specific market

If you want to adjust a Publishing on Demand (POD) template to a specific market, you can select and recreate it to meet the market's needs. Template presets are customized copies of templates.

Recreate a Print Brand Template

  1. Navigate to your portal

  2. Select Settings > Brand templates > Template Management.

  3. Select the List of presets and templates.

  4. Click on the template you want to recreate.

  5. Click Create a Preset.

  6. (Optional) For images you would like to change for the preset, please clear the Inherit template values for this image. This way, you can select a collection for your preset other than the one defined in the template. Alternatively, you can select a specific image from the Asset library and click lock-icon-old.png to lock this section of the preset to prevent any user changes.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Fill preset.

  9. This opens up the editor, where you can change the placeholder text and images of the preset.
  10. Once complete, click Save. This will take you back to the preset settings.
  11. The new preset is now available to users in the overview.
  12. To find the new preset, navigate to Settings > Brand templates > Template Management> List of presets and templates.
  13. Click on the original template and expand the Template and related presets dropdown to find all the presets linked to this template.


When you edit multi-page templates, make sure you save your changes. When you refresh or navigate away from the page, you will lose your unsaved changes.


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