Create a New Smart Filter

Smart filters are convenient drop-down menus located at the top of the Asset Bank. Each smart filter can hold one or more metaproperties. The metaproperties in the smart filter show a count next to each option, making it easy for users to find assets quickly. To reduce the initial display, you can make one metaproperty dependent on another.

Along with the search bar, smart filters are the main method for users to discover content in the Asset Bank. A smart filter drop-down can present a single metaproperty, like Year, for users to choose from. It can also include multiple metaproperties, which is beneficial for logically connected metaproperties such as Continent, Country, and City.

How to Create a Smart Filter

  1. Navigate to your portal.

  2. Select settings_menu.pngSettings > Taxonomy > Smartfilter Management.

  3. Click +Add in the top right corner. 

  4. Enter or select the filter details:

    • Z-index: This number will determine the position of the smart filter from left to right at the top of the Asset Bank. The lower the number, the higher the smart filter will be positioned. We recommend leaving space between each filter (i.e., 10, 20, 30) so that it leaves room for when you create additional filters later on so you do not have to change the index values.

    • Icon: You can use Font Awesome icons available on, but icons from Font Awesome version 5 or above are not supported. To use an icon from Font Awesome, click on it to get the full name (example below) and copy it into the Icon field in Bynder.



      Icons from Font Awesome version 5 or above are not supported.

    • Type: Select the type of the filter. The most common type for displaying metaproperties is meta.

      Available types

      • Advanced: Adds the Advanced filter. The options in the filter are set by default. Learn more about using the advanced filter here.

      • Color: Adds the color picker filter. This lets users filter assets by primary hex code.
        Note: The color picker does not let users search on color ranges.

      • Meta: This is the most common type, and it allows you to add metaproperties to smartfilters. Learn more here.

      • Tags: Displays a keyword tag filter of the 25 most frequently tagged keyword tags. Learn more about tags here.

    • Lazy loading: This method loads a fraction of options at once and the rest on demand as a user scrolls through the list. It is useful for lists of 50+ options.

    • Languages: Enter the filter label in English. If your portal allows you to enter labels in additional languages, do so. (English is the default language.)

  5. Click Save

Delete a Smart Filter

  1. Navigate to your Portal.
  2. Select settings_menu.pngSettings > Account > Smartfilter management.
  3. Click Screenshot_2023-04-03_at_2.23.22_PM.png next to the metaproperty that you would like to delete.
  4. Click Delete to confirm.
    • Note: This action cannot be undone.


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