Create Direct Link to Custom Metaproperty Views

Use the two links below to create an overview page for a metaproperty. This will give your users a more visual way to browse the metaproperty.

Metaproperty Tile View

This view shows all metaproperty options in a separate tile. The selected metaproperty (option) will not be set as a filter, so the moment you leave this view, no filter will be applied.

Metaproperty Tile View (with filter)

This view categorizes all metaproperty options of the metaproperty in a separate tile and is very similar to the view mentioned above. The most significant difference is that when you click a metaproperty option, it will be set as a filter, which will remain applied until you manually clear it. 


  • If you have a dependency configured in the smart filter, it will not be triggered if you use the direct link.  No option has been manually selected, and the automation will not be triggered. 
  • You cannot combine link structures from different categories (i.e., a direct link for filters and keyword tags). 


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