Position an Element in Studio

You can drag and drop elements to a desired location or utilize the built-in guides to position elements on your Studio canvas. The guides, represented by horizontal and vertical lines, automatically appear on the canvas, offering assistance in aligning elements accurately. 


Build-in guided lines display in order to help you place elements in line with other elements. On the right side of the canvas in the settings panel, several other alignment tools are available, such as center, left, or right alignment. You can also select multiple elements simultaneously and choose an alignment option to align those elements. 


Next to dragging and dropping the element, you can also use the X- and Y-coordinates in the settings panel to determine the placement of an element. This coordinate is based on the left upper corner of the element, and the left upper corner of the canvas. The 0,0 coordinate places the element in the left upper corner.


An element can be placed at an angle by using the angle field in the settings panel. You can choose a value between 0 and 359 degrees to turn an element around its center.


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