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If you are the Portal Administrator here are some helpful tips to ensure a smooth and successful launch:

Step-by-Step Launch Process

  1. Review the adoption tips provided.
  2. Run a soft and a hard launch of your project. For more information, see Bynder Brand Portal launch best practices.
  3. Provide resources to your end-users, such as referring them to the Knowledge Base and encouraging them to join the Community.
  4. Utilize quick links and news articles to offer the best tools for your end-users to learn Bynder.
  5. Learn more about training your users by referring to the Administrator tasks.

Adoption Tips

Ensure Executive Sponsorship

An executive champion is crucial for driving user adoption. They should have the vision and influence to support the change.

Market Internally

Create promotional material to get users excited about using Bynder. This can include videos, newsletters, or organization-wide meetings.

Communicate Launch Plan

Share the launch plan with necessary users to encourage feedback and address any barriers to launch.

Soft Launch

Target the portal's heaviest users for a pilot launch to make minor changes and address questions about internal processes.

Identify and Empower System Champions

Identify tech-savvy individuals who will receive in-depth training and serve as resources to help larger user groups.

Establish a Resource Center

Provide ongoing training solutions for end-users to have continuous learning opportunities.

Allow Users to Easily Provide Continuous Feedback

Encourage users to share feedback to improve the launch and address concerns or improvement requests.

Identify the Barriers to Adoption

Identify common barriers to adoption, such as login issues or uncertainty about when to use Bynder, and address them during the launch.

Measure Adoption

Determine how to measure adoption, set goals, and track key performance indicators to measure ROI over time.

What’s in it for Me?

Highlight the benefits of using Bynder on a daily basis to address challenges and frustrations experienced by end users.

What's next

Learn about launch best practices here

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