Keyboard Shortcuts in Asset Bank

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See below for a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use in your Asset Bank.

Shortcut Description
  • Opens up Editing Window (works on asset overview page)
  • Opens up Download Window (works on asset overview page)
  • Use the Tab key in the upload and edit screen to navigate the available metaproperties and expand their options. If a metaproperty is a text field, the Tab key will activate the field so that you can immediately enter text there.
  • If you've modified a field and press the Tab key to move to another field, your changes will be saved.
  • For multi-select options, use Shift + Tab to move the highlight up the list and the Tab key to move the highlight down the list.
shift + tab
  • When you edit an asset from within the Asset Detail View, use the Shift + Tab key combination to move to the previous metaproperty.
  • In the Asset detail page, press the Enter key to save modified data. You can also use Enter to select autocomplete options or tags.
  • Use the spacebar to choose and clear Select metaproperty options.


The Tab key may not work as described in Safari.

To troubleshoot this navigate to Safari > Preferences > Advanced and select Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage.

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