Enabling an Open Asset Bank

You can open your DAM to external users who aren't logged in by making your Asset Bank and open Asset Bank. With an open DAM, users can access assets, collections, and other modules, such as Asset Workflow and Brand Guidelines, without having to log in. You can combine an open DAM with a restricted one so that selected users can still log in and see the filters or assets hidden for public users.

How to Enable an Open Asset Bank

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how to enable this feature and any associated costs. 

How does it work

Once enabled, an external user will be assigned to an open Asset Bank permission profile. So that you can determine what rights external users have in your portal and restrict certain assets they can view or download.

The open Asset Bank permission profile and user should always remain available and can't be deleted. The open DAM will no longer work when this profile or user is removed.


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