Search for Assets in your Asset Bank

You can search for assets in your Bynder portal in two ways. You can use the search bar to find assets, collections, and Brand Guidelines or search by filters if you're not exactly sure what you're looking for or simply want to filter your content.

If enabled, you can search by image or search for text in an image. 


Using the Search Bar

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  1. Navigate to your Asset Bank.
  2. Enter a term in the search bar to search for an asset. The system looks for the word in titles, descriptions, tags, and collection names. It can also scan the text in PDFs and other text files. Learn more about using the search bar to find assets.
  3. You can narrow your selection by using filters.

Search by Filters

  1. Navigate to your Asset Bank.
  2. You can begin filtering your search by clicking on the various options in your asset bank. 
  3. You can combine multiple filters for more accurate results. 
  4. Learn more here to search for assets via filter. 

Using Search Bar and Filters

You can also use this combination to find assets. For example, you can find assets that match a keyword or phrase you put in the search bar and refine the search by applying filters.


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