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In Bynder, you can search for assets using the search bar, tags, and filters. Filters are usually displayed in the top bar of the Assets overview. You can expand them to see the options. When you click on a filter option, it gets added to the list of filters you currently use. You can apply multiple filters at the same time. To clear all filters, click the Clear Filters button. By clicking the cross icon in each filter, you only remove this selected filter.

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You can combine multiple filters for more accurate results. For example, you can use a combination of taxonomy filters, tag filters, and Advanced filters. 

    • Taxonomy filters are based on your metaproperties and metaproperty options.
    • The Advanced filter helps you filter on asset type (for example, video or document), dimensions, date the asset was added, or asset orientation (for example, portrait or landscape).
    • The Tags filter enables you to search for the tags created for assets.
    • The Color filter enables you to filter assets on selected colors. On upload, images are scanned to find out which color is used most, and that color is then returned in the filter results.

Combining multiple filters will show you the result according to the AND logic: in the example above, the filtered view will display assets tagged with Asia, Spring, AND Documents. This means that assets that only satisfy some (and not all) of the filtering conditions won't be shown.

When you close your filters to view the results, your filter selection remains visible in the top bar to help you track the filters you applied.

To save you time finding and applying the same filters next time you want to find the same set of assets, you can save your filter selection.

Smart Filters

Better organize your filters by using Smart Filters. With Smart Filters, you can display multiple metaproperties in one drop-down menu item, which makes your portal more user-friendly. Read more about Smart Filters here.

Filters in Compact View

You can also use filters in the Compact View when you relate assets, select images for a POD template, or use the API or plugin. Read more about filtering in the Compact View here.

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