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Components are small content structures that can be reused in templates and items. This enables the creation of flexible designs without the need to modify entire templates when a structural change is needed.

Typical components include page headers, footers, image galleries, and testimonials. If you want to add new links to your footer, you can simply edit the footer component, and the changes will be reflected in all templates utilizing that component.

You can create, manage, duplicate, import, and delete components in the Structure tab of your Content Workflow account.

[CW] Component Editor 2.png

Managing Components

Once you have built a components library, you can manage them in the Component Editor.

  1. Select the Structure tab.
  2. Your component library is organized into two areas: All components and Not in use. This makes it easy to remove redundant components.
  3. Components are sorted alphabetically (A-Z) by d fault.
  4. Click on the column headers to sort them accordingly.
  5. Usage shows how many items (custom structures) or templates a component is used on. Deleting a component in use is not possible because it contributes to the loss of content. It shows the number of fields inside a component. Clicking on the data will reveal which fields are inside, specifically in the correct order.
  6. Updated by shows when a component was last updated and which user updated it.  [CW[ Componets View.png

Duplicate Components

It is possible to duplicate a component to iterate on ideas quickly.

  1. Navigate to the Structure tab.
  2. Select a component and choose Duplicate Components from the action bar.[CW] Duplicate component.png
  3. The duplication will trigger instantly. The newly created component will take the existing name and append a Duplicate at the end.
  4. You can also duplicate components from the component editor by selecting Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.43.12 PM.png. In this instance, you'll be taken to the new component to get editing straight away. Again, you'll be asked to save any changes you may have made.[CW] Duplicate component editor@2x.png

Import Components

Templates and components can be imported from one project to another.

  1. Navigate to the Structure tab.
  2. View your components.
  3. Select the Import button.[CW] Import Component.png
  4. A modal will appear showing the projects in your account on the left. 
  5. Select a project to display any associated components.[CW] Import modal.png
  6. Select the Components that you would like to import. 
  7. Click Import. The components will appear in your current project and be placed in their appropriate position based on our current sorting option (alphabetically by default).


Importing components will create entirely new components rather than referencing them.

Delete Components

You can delete Components from both the Structure tab and inside a component.

  1. Navigate to the Structure tab.
  2. Select the component(s) you wish to delete.
  3. Select Delete Components from the action bar.
  4. Select Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.43.12 PM.pngfrom inside a component.
  5. Click Delete.[CW] Delete component editor.png


Component deletion is permanent and cannot be undone. For this reason, it is not possible to delete components in use, as this could result in the accidental loss of content. Before proceeding, please remove any components you'd like to delete from structures and templates. 

Integration Support

At the moment, our integrations don't support components. We are working with our integration partners to support components, starting with our most popular integrations (WordPress, Drupal, and AEM). If you're unsure how this may affect you, please get in touch with our support team, who will be happy to help.


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