inriver Connector (built by CTAC)

inriver built by CTAC is a product information manager (PIM) that helps businesses store, organize, edit, and distribute information about their products from one platform. inriver is a digital-first PIM software that helps you connect to customers at every touchpoint.

With the inriver connector, you can synchronize your assets from Bynder to InRiver whenever an asset is uploaded or updated. The connector runs as an inriver extension and connects with the Bynder API, allowing you to link a Bynder asset to any single inriver entity type (product, item or bundle, etc.). You can load a derivative of the Bynder asset instead of a copy of the original asset, which results in less storage within inriver. In addition, you can retrieve Bynder metaproperties making them immediately available in all inriver outgoing channels.

Learn more about inriver connector here.  

How to Enable inriver Connector?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling this connector and any associated costs.


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