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Brand Guidelines left-hand sidebar makes it easy to manage all the content in your guides. Here's everything you need to know about how to add, delete and rename chapters, and pages in a quick and easy way.

Manage content via the sidebar in (Edit mode)

How to add new chapters and pages

  1. Click Add chapter to add a new chapter.

  2. Hover over the chapter and then click add_content.jpgto add new pages under that chapter.


To learn more about pages click here.

How to rename chapters and pages

  1. Double-click on a chapter/page to rename.

  2. Alternatively, hover over the chapter, click the three_dots.png, and select Edit title.edit_title_brand_guidelines.png

How to delete chapters

  1. Hover over the chapter, click the menu button and select Delete chapter.


    This action deletes all pages belonging to that chapter. For single-page deletion, you can use the page menu. Learn more here.

How to share chapters and pages

You can set permissions on who can view or edit chapters and pages.

Learn more here.


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