Content Creators: Create images or videos from designs or templates

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Content teams can use templates to adapt designs in multiple sizes and versions and scale for different use cases. They can create multiple variations of the same design for A/B testing or as localized versions for different markets.

How to create images or videos based on templates

  1. Navigate to Studio.

  2. Click + New design.

  3. Navigate or filter by owner or type to find the template you want to use.

  4. Select the template and click Create design.

  5. In the Image section or Video section, depending on the media type, update the images, video, and/or copy for the design on the right-hand side. You will be able to select an image or video or you might be able to click Upload to choose one from your computer. Only you will have access to the uploaded file, which can be found in the Uploads section of Studio. 


    The designer might have locked elements that will not be available to edit. The elements they did not lock will be available to edit. You might also have the ability to Hide/Show certain elements in the design.

  6. (optional) Review the available template sizes on the left-hand side.

  7. (optional) Variations: Create a variation in the Variations tab on the right side of the screen. Learn more about variations here.


    Variations are only available on certain Studio plans. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

  8. Depending on the settings, you’ll be able to immediately download, send the assets to the Waiting Room, or submit the asset for approval.

    • If you do not need to submit for approval, click Export and choose which sizes and variations you’d like to export. Click Continue, then select the Format
    • If you need to submit it for approval, you’ll only be able to download or push to the waiting room after it’s approved. You can cancel the request by clicking Cancel approval request.


The design will be locked unless it’s in the Edit requested status. You’ll be able to see the status of the approval next to the design name. Hover your mouse over the status to review comments.

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