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In order to save time and valuable resources designers can import Photoshop (.PSD) files directly to the DAM and files are automatically converted to a Studio design format. These source files can then be accessed and edited within Studio. Elements can be locked and the design can be saved as a template, for even more time-saving.

Things to note prior to uploading:

  • The Photoshop importer will support non, single and multi-artboard files. Multi-artboard files will be imported as separate designs or you create a multi-size design.

  • The PSD files need to be uploaded to DAM or to the Uploads section of Studio.

  • Make use of the RGB color profile. CMYK files are not supported.

  • Make sure the filenames do not contain periods other than the one between the filename and the extension.


Bynder supports a max resolution of 4K and a file size of 2 GB.

Who can import Photoshop files?

Users with the following permission can import design files: 

  • Admin

  • Content Designer

Create a design from PSD file

  1. Navigate to Studio and click + New design.

  2. Select Import design in the left sidebar, then click Select design file.

  3. Navigate or search to find the file that you’d like to import and click Add asset.

  4. Once the imported file is analyzed, click Create Design.

Layers & Elements

Give a unique name to your layers in Photoshop, so that you can easily recognize them in Bynder. In Studio we make use of the same names.


Groups, Opacity, Shapes, Masks, and Locking are all supported.


  • Both normal text and paragraph text (text frames) are supported.

    • Skewed text or text that is vertically positioned is not supported.

    • All horizontal alignment is supported.

  • All text needs to be in metrics, optical kerning is not supported.

  • You can only use one font/style per text frame.

    • If you want to use two different text styles, make sure to create two separate text frames. ie one for the header text and one for the body text.


    Bynder supports the following font formats: OTF, TTF.

    • The font files used in the Photoshop file need to be uploaded to Bynder separately. Learn how to do so here.


The dimensions and position of the image layers in your Studio template are determined by the Photoshop file that you upload.


Effects are not supported in Studio. Make sure that there are no effects applied to your images. Images should not be flipped or rotated.

Blend Modes

You can apply one of the 16 supported blend modes to an image or text layer in Photoshop.

When uploading your template to Bynder the supported blend modes are automatically imported and applied to the appropriate image layer.

Learn more about blend modes here.

Artboard Backgrounds

You can assign a background color to the template.

If a background color is not set, the background in the generated output files will be white.


Gradient colors are not supported. The opacity of the background color should always be set to 100%.

Follow the steps below to assign an artboard to your studio template.

  1. Select the artboard for which you want to set the background color.

  2. Go to Window > Properties to open the properties window.

  3. Set your background color in the Artboard background color section.


Shapes are supported.


Why do the text layers indicate Source Sans Pro, which is the wrong font?

The right font file was not uploaded before uploading the template. Upload the right font first and reupload the template.

Why is my template not uploading?

Check the file size of your PSD file. The maximum allowed file size is 500MB. Change to the default text and images inside the template, modify the PSD file and then reupload the template.

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