Add Collections to Brand Guidelines

Collections allow you to group assets into one central location easily. They can be added to Pages within Brand Guidelines to quickly and easily share related assets with your users.

To display collections in Brand Guidelines, please make sure to either publish them online or share and create the embed code for them.

Learn more about Collections here.

Collections Published Online

Publishing your collections online allows you to share a link to a collection with anyone (internal and external) without limiting access or manually sharing the collection with multiple users. All users with access to the guide will be able to view the public collection you’ve added, and you can set whether users can download the assets or the entire collection. Learn more about customizing collections.

If you have collections within a brand guideline that you’d like non-logged-in users to access or download, you will most likely want to publish your collections online.

Embedded Collections

You can use the embed code in your Brand Guidelines for more granular control over collection access. The embedded collection is only accessible to logged-in users who have access to the guide and have been granted access to the collection. You must manually share the collection with users, user groups, or permission profiles. If you’ve given view permissions (but not download permission) when sharing a collection but have enabled the download functionality within the guide, the end user can download the collection.


Users will receive an Access Denied message if a collection is not made public or shared with a specific user, user group, or permission profile.

Adding Collections to Brand Guidelines

  1. Navigate to the Brand Guidelines page where you want to add the collection.

  2. Click the Edit Guide button, then the + icon to add a section.

  3. Select the + icon to add a widget and click the collection_embed_button.pngbutton to embed a collection. You will first see an overview of collections Published online. Click the dropdown to view the Embedded collections.

  4. Browse or search for the collection you'd like to add. Select it, then click Add Collection.

  5. Once added, several customizations are available for the collections. Learn more about customizing collections here.

  6. To replace the added collection with another, click on the collection and select another one from the collection picker.

Learn more about modifying, deleting, or moving collections and other content in Brand Guidelines Pages.

Customizing Collections

The following collection parameters can be customized in Brand Guidelines.

  • Layout grid: Select whether you want the asset thumbnails to show as Fixed or Masonry. Fixed will display the thumbnails at the same height, regardless of whether they are landscape, portrait, etc., while masonry mode is a responsive layout.

    • Default option: Fixed

  • Asset preview: Choose if you want to enable or disable Asset Title and Type.

    • Default option: Asset Title and Type are enabled.

  • Number of assets: Select how many asset thumbnails are displayed in the collection widget from the dropdown.

    • Default option: 4 asset thumbnails are shown.

  • Download settings: Choose whether to enable/disable asset or collection download. Asset download allows users to download individual assets in the collection, while collection download lets users download all assets within the collection at once.

    • Default option: Asset and Collection downloads are enabled.

  • Redirection settings: Choose if you want to enable/disable Asset and Collection redirection.

    • If Asset redirection is enabled, the end-user can visit an asset inside the asset bank directly from the guide by clicking on it.

    • If Collection redirection is enabled, the end user can visit the collection directly from the guide by clicking on the Collection title.

    • If both settings are disabled, the collection title and assets inside will not be clickable.

    • Default option: Asset and collection redirection are enabled.


    Collection redirection depends on whether the collection is shared with specific users or published online.

    Learn more about modifying, deleting, or moving collections and other content in Brand Guidelines Pages.

View and Download Collections in Brand Guidelines

  1. To see all the assets in a collection, click the last thumbnail to expand the collection view.

    1. Click the Show Less button to collapse the collection view and show only assets configured in the default collection view.

  2. If applicable, you can click on a specific asset within a collection to preview it in the Asset Bank.

  3. If applicable, you can click the Download Collection button to download all the assets within that collection as soon as possible. This will download a zip file containing all assets with their respective derivatives.

  4. If applicable, download individual assets from the embedded collection by hovering over an asset and clicking on the download asset button. This will download a zip file containing available derivatives of that asset or a single file if no generic derivatives are available (e.g., PDF).

    •  Only logged-in users can download individual assets. If a guide is shared publicly, non-authenticated people can only download the whole collection at once.


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