Share or Transfer Ownership of a Design in Studio

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Designs are, by default, only visible to the creator. See below to learn how to share your designs and projects with other members of your team (both design editors and content creators) to save time and streamline creative projects.

Learn about sharing projects here

Share a Design

  1. Navigate to Studio.
  2. In the left sidebar, select Projects to share a project or All designs to share a design.
  3. Hover over a design and click three_dots.png
  4. Select Share.
  5. Search for the users, group, or permission profile that you want to share design with and select them from the dropdown.

  6. By default, they will be added as a Contributor.
  7. Click Save changes to share your design.
  8. The user(s) can now access the design. They will not receive a notification in Studio; however, you can use the copy link button to create a link and share that in your preferred messaging or email solution. The design will appear in their Shared with me folder.



Transfer Ownership of a Design

You can transfer ownership of a design. This will transfer the ownership to this user. This action can't be undone


After transferring the ownership, you can no longer access and modify the design unless it's shared with you by the new owner.

  • You can only transfer ownership when you're the owner of the design.

  • Portal administrators, with permission, can transfer ownership to other users for all designs.


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