Import Adobe Premier Pro XML Files into Studio

In order to save time and valuable resources designers can import Adobe Premier Pro XML files directly to the Studio. These files can then be accessed and edited within Studio.

  1. Export your Final Cut Pro file to XML. Follow these instructions for more information.


    Studio supports XML Final Cut Pro files up to 5 minutes.

  2. Go to Studio and make sure that all the assets used in your Final Cut Pro file are uploaded to the Assets section. Read more about uploading assets to Studio here.

  3. Go to Studio, make sure you're in the All designs tab and click the + New Design button.

  4. Click Import in the left sidebar.

  5. Drag and drop your XML file to the Drag and drop section or double click this area to select a XML file.

  6. Click the Edit button.

The following information will be imported from the XML file:

  • The resolution of the video.

  • The global length of the video.

  • The start and end point of image, video and text elements on the timeline.

  • The names of each image and video element will correspond to the asset that was used in the project.

The following actions will be performed:

  • The files used in your Final Cut Pro file will be automatically mapped to the assets available in Studio. Mapping takes place if both file names are identical.


    Why my assets are not mapped?

    • Check if the file used in your Final Cut Pro file has been uploaded to the Asset Bank of your Bynder portal.

    • Check if the file name in Final Cut Pro is identical to the file name of the asset in Studio.

  • The frame offset (inherited from the source media) for each video element is reflected in Studio, which means that the video assets will start at the correct frame.

  • The font, font weight, size, and colour of all text elements will be set up correctly. The font is selected based on the font name and needs to be available in Studio. Contact your Customer Success Manager to upload your fonts to Studio.

  • The size and position of all elements are mapped correctly to the canvas.

  • Elements are added to the correct track in the timeline, which will correspond to the tracks available in Adobe Premiere.


The following information cannot be imported from an XML file.

  • Exact position of text in the canvas

  • Groups


Why the data inside the CSV file that I downloaded for batch generating videos is not formatted properly in Excel?

You may run into this issue if your machine is set to European localization. Follow the guides below to change your regional settings.

Why the special characters are not displaying properly when I open them in an exported CSV file?

Studio supports CSV files that are configured in the UTF-8 format. Please ensure that when you save your CSV file, it is in the UTF-8 format to ensure all special characters will be preserved.


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