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Highspot is a sales enablement tool that empowers companies to elevate customer conversations that drive strategic growth. The platform combines intelligent content management, contextual guidance, training, rep coaching, customer engagement, with end-to-end analytics and AI.

Would you like to use your Bynder assets in Highspot? Save yourself time and instead of uploading your assets twice, add your Bynder assets directly to your Highspot content using the Highspot integration.

By making use of the Bynder reference URLs the integration ensures that the latest version of your Bynder asset is always reflected in your Highspot content. Once you've uploaded a new asset version to Bynder the latest version will be automatically available in Highspot. Alternatively, you can choose to copy over the image to Highspot. In this case you'll have to manually update any new versions you upload to Bynder in Highspot yourself.

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How to Enable Bynder in Highspot?

Read more about enabling Bynder in Highspot here.

How to Add Bynder Assets to Highspot?

  1. Log in to your Highspot environment

  2. Click the button in the top bar and click Add files.

  3. Click Bynder in the From Cloud Services section in the left sidebar.

  4. Click Choose files from Bynder. The Compact View will open.

  5. If your company's Bynder portal URL is already filled in in the pop-up, click Connect. If not, enter the URL in the below format. A popup will open, which allows you to log in to your Bynder environment.

  6. Log in to the portal the usual way.

  7. In the Asset tab use the filter bar or search bar to filter and search for the assets you need. Select the files(s) you need and click Add media to add the asset(s) to Highspot. In the Collection tab select the collection that you want to add or click the collection and select the file(s) you want to add. Click Add media to add the asset(s) to Highspot.

  8. Open the Spot dropdown and select where you want the selected Bynder assets to land.

  9. (Optional) Select Automatically update content from Bynder in the Options section if you want new version uploads in Bynder to be automatically reflected in Highspot. This means that if in Bynder a new version is uploaded for one of the selected assets the new version will be automatically available in Highspot.

  10. Click Add to add your Bynder assets to Highspot.


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