API Tokens

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You can build and authenticate a user-based or machine-to-machine-based integration via OAuth authentication. Our preferred authentication method is OAuth Apps, which you can use for all integrations.

OAuth Apps

We recommend using OAuth Apps for authentication when building integrations for Bynder. OAuth Apps make use of OAuth 2, and is our preferred authentication flow.

You can create account-specific integrations to leverage Bynder throughout your brand ecosystem. We offer two grant types, essentially different methods to acquire an access token to authorize API calls. By choosing the right grant type, you can optimize authentication for user- and machine-to-machine-based integrations.

Start building your integrations with OAuth Apps.

OAuth 1

OAuth 1 permanent tokens consist of a token, token secret, consumer, and consumer secret.

OAuth 1 permanent tokens are no longer created by default and can only be generated for existing integrations that haven't migrated to OAuth 2 yet. Read more about OAuth 1 tokens here.

Building a new integration? Use OAuth Apps instead.

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