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eGo is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to build and manage websites without any technical know-how. The eGo CMS is specialized in creating websites for cities, municipalities and local governments in Belgium. Would you like to use your Bynder image assets in eGo CMS? Use Bynder as your single source of truth and save yourself the time of uploading your image assets twice by integrating eGo CMS with Bynder.

The integration makes use of the Compact View and allows you to directly add your Bynder image assets including their public derivatives to your eGo content. The integration supports Digital Asset Transformations (DAT) and makes use of the CDN URLs. The use of CDN URLs ensures that the latest version of the image assets is always available in your eGo content.

How to Enable and Set Up the eGo CMS Connector?

The eGo CMS connector is developed and maintained by Tobania. Contact Tobania if you're interested in using the connector. They'll be happy to further assist you in setting this up.

How to Add Bynder Assets to eGo Content?

Once the integration is set up follow the steps below to add Bynder image assets to your eGo CMS content.

  1. Create a new article in eGo or open an existing one.

  2. Go to the content section and click the ego_image.png button in the content editor. A popup screen will open.

  3. Click the Open Bynder button. The Compact View will open. If your company's Bynder portal URL is already filled in in the pop-up, click Connect. If not, enter the URL in the below format. A popup will open, which allows you to log in to your Bynder environment.

  4. In the Asset tab use the filter bar or search bar to filter and search for the asset you need. Alternatively, use the Collection tab to select an asset from a collection. Select the asset you want to add and use the dropdown at the bottom of the Compact View to select whether you want to add the original file or one of the available public derivatives. 


    • The asset needs to be marked as public in order for the original file to be available.

    • Derivatives need to be marked as public in order to be available in the dropdown.

  5. Click Add asset to add the image to your article. You'll navigate back to image properties in eGo.

  6. (Optional) Use the available fields in the image dialog box to provide additional information for the Bynder asset you want to add.

  7. Click Save to add the Bynder asset to your eGo content.


  • You can only add one asset to your eGo content at the time. Selecting multiple assets in the Compact View is not supported.

  • You can only add Bynder image assets to your eGo content. Other asset types such as audio, documents and videos are not supported.

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