Workato Integration

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Workato enables both business and IT to integrate their apps, automate business workflows, and drive real time outcomes from business events, without compromising security and governance.

Use Workato to build connections between Bynder and other apps using powerful automated workflows.

Watch a Video

The below video gives a general introduction in how Workato can help you automate.

Tell Me More About Workato's Use Cases

Workato offers many use cases to use your applications and tools with Bynder. You'll find a few example use cases below.

  • Keeps design teams and development teams in sync despite multiple iterations on graphic designs through bidirectional syncs that can be set up between Bynder and another asset storage system.

  • Backup assets in Bynder to elastic cloud storage tools at periodic intervals.

  • Build Workflow processes into Slack based events in Bynder when a new designer uploads or creates new drawings.

  • Keep track of asset usage automatically and create reports for managers in tools like Slack.

  • Upload files of any size from another application to Bynder.

  • Download files of any size from Bynder in your other applications.

  • Pull asset usage and search for assets in Bynder easily.

  • Use your applications to update the metadata of your Bynder assets to keep all teams in sync.

How to Start Using Workato in Combination with Bynder?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in automating workflows or integrating your other applications with Bynder using Workato.

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