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TINT helps B2C marketers to find, curate, and display their most effective customer generated content from social media onto their websites, emails, social media and other marketing outlets. That way they can increase engagement and trust with consumers. TINT also helps marketers to request legal rights to user generated content (UGC) posted on social media by using their built-in audit trail. This way, brands can reuse the content created by their customers and/or fanbase without having to worry about legal rights.

Once you've obtained the legal rights using TINT you can use the TINT integration to send the UGC content to your Bynder DAM. The TINT integration supports sending over animated GIFs, images and videos. Find out below how you can start using the integration.

How to Enable the TINT Integration?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in the TINT integration. Your Customer Success Manager will be happy to further assist you.

How to Install and Configure the TINT Integration?

  1. Create an OAuth App for the TINT Integration. Read more about it here.

  2. Log into your TINT account and navigate to the Team Settings option in the top right dropdown.

  3. Click Integrations and the green + Add button.

  4. Find Bynder in the sidebar and click Connect.

  5. Enter your Bynder domain URL, Client ID, and Client Secret.


If successfully authenticated, you'll see Bynder show up in your Integrations dashboard.

How to Send UGC Media to Bynder?

  1. Make sure you're logged in to TINT.

  2. Click the ugc_tint.png UGC Studio button in the left sidebar in TINT.

  3. Open the asset you want to send to Bynder and click the Publish button. Alternatively, you can select multiple assets on the overview screen and click the Publish button.

  4. Open the STEP 1: Select Account dropdown and select the Bynder portal you want to send the asset to.

  5. Open the Steps 2: Select Folder dropdown and select the Bynder brand you want to send the asset to.


    Most Bynder portals only have one brand.

  6. Click the Publish button to send the asset to Bynder.

The asset will be sent to the asset bank of the selected Bynder portal and tagged with the selected brand. The asset won't be sent to the waiting room. It may take a few minutes before the asset shows in the Asset Bank.

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