Digital Brand Templates

Digital Brand Templates help digital content creators to create visual documents based on a template. Because these templates have a predefined layout, behavior and style, users can immediately start creating visual documents without having to start from scratch. Optionally these documents can be approved by designated approvers.

At the same time, it allows portal administrators to decide which template items are customizable and which ones are locked. By letting creators only adjust certain elements, such as the logo or background image, you can make sure that all created documents align with the company branding.

Do you create Digital Brand Template documents?

Learn more about creating Digital Brand Templates here. Did your document not get approved, find out here how you can modify it and resubmit it for approval.

Do you approve Digital Brand Template documents?

Find out here how you can find the documents you need to approve and how the approval process works.

Do you create and manage Digital Brand Templates?

Digital Brand Template managers can read more about creating and managing these templates here.


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