Pixyle Integration

Do you store fashion related assets in Bynder and do your users spend a lot of time on manually tagging them? Save time, reduce costs, avoid human error and shorten your time to market by eliminating manual tags and switching to Pixyle's automated tagging.

Pixyle uses AI technology to automatically enrich your fashion assets with accurate and extensive tags.

Check the video below for a quick introduction or read the article to learn how Pixyle can enrich your portal taxonomy.

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Tell me More About the Pixyle Integration

Pixyle develops a visual AI with deep learning algorithms that can instantly identify fashion objects within your assets and transform them into accurate automated tags. Pixyle offers an extensive taxonomy with more than 40 categories and 200 attributes. Their AI technology runs on the Google Cloud infrastructure which is optimized for scale.

Use their automated tags to enrich your fashion assets with accurate product information. At the same time you and your users save time and avoid the risk of human error by no longer having to manually tag assets.

Your Bynder assets can be sent to Pixyle for automated tagging on scheduled times and with a frequency you can decide on. Once the assets have been identified by Pixyle the new tags will be automatically sent back to Bynder and will be available under Tags in the Asset Detail view. Users can now apply these tags as search filters in the DAM to find the assets they're looking for.

Take advantage of your enriched taxonomy by also implementing Pixyle's tags into your external systems that are connected to your Bynder environment via our API.

Use Cases

  • Brands who manually tag their fashion assets can save time, reduce costs and avoid human error by using Pixyle. The automated tagging shortens your time to market and allows you to sell faster.

  • Use Pixyle if you want to have unified product data for your fashion assets within as well as outside Bynder. Use the automated tags to create a unified product data experience for your users across all your external systems that are connected to Bynder via API.

  • Create a better search experience for your users who are looking for fashion related assets. The tags generated by Pixyle can be applied as search filter allowing your users to search and narrow down their results more accurately and efficiently.

Give it a Try

Would you like to see how Pixyle enriches and tags your fashion assets? Check out their demo here.

How to Enable Pixyle?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to use Pixyle to automatically tag your fashion related assets. Your Customer Success Manager is happy to further assist you in setting this up.


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