Custom Export Formats in Studio

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All videos generated in Studio are by default available in a high resolution JPEG and MP4 file.

If you need to use your videos on other social media platforms and external channels you may need other custom export formats. We can enable additional custom export formats for your Studio environment including GIF. Custom export formats can be grouped together so that you can create a separate profile with export formats for all your external channels. For example, a profile with custom formats for Instagram allowing you to create portrait and landscape videos and another profile with custom export formats that fit your content creation strategy for other social media platforms or external websites.


Example of custom export formats

How to Create Custom Export Formats in Studio?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Manager if you would like to have custom export formats enabled in Studio. They'll be happy to put you in touch with somebody from our Studio team. Together we'll discuss the specifications and requirements for the necessary export formats and whether they need to be grouped together under specific profiles. Below you'll find an overview of some of the video specifications we can customize. Check the GIF Export Formats for more information about exporting your videos to GIF.

  • Video Resolution

  • Frame rate

  • Bitrate

  • Video profile and extension

  • Video and audio encoding

GIF Export Formats

Would you like to have your videos created in Studio to be available in a GIF format as well? There's no need to use other tools for GIF creation because Studio can export your videos to GIF. Read more about the possibilities below.

  • GIF Animation

    We advise using this GIF format if your video content contains color blocks, such as animations.

  • GIF Film

    We advise using this GIF format if your video content contains skin tones and people.

Together with the Studio team you can discuss the specifications and requirements for your GIF export formats.

How to Generate Videos Based On Custom Export Formats?

During On Demand and Batch video generation you can generate videos that will be generated based on the custom export format profiles. You can also render any missing export formats from a video overview screen.

  • Creatives Overview Screen

    You can download videos that have already been generated from a video overview page. You can render missing export formats for videos so that those formats also become available for download. Follow the instructions below.

    1. Go to the creative_VBS.pngCreatives section and navigate to the creative where you can find the video(s) for which you want to generate the missing export format(s).

    2. Select the videos(s) and click the 203085430-download.png button.

    3. Click the Add render profiles option.

    4. Select one of the available export format profiles and click Save.

    The missing export formats will now be generated for the selected video(s). Once the generation has finished you'll be able to download those formats by reselecting the video and clicking the 203085430-download.png button. The generated formats will then be available in the download menu.

How to Delete a Custom Export Format in Studio?

Contact your Customer Success Manager who's happy to put you in touch with somebody from our Studio Team. Together you can discuss which export format(s) (profiles) need to be deleted.


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