Launching Bynder: roles and responsibilities

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When you introduce Bynder to your company and decide on an implementation scenario, there are several roles you can use to make Bynder a success.


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Portal owners

Portal owners are responsible for keeping Bynder up to date, ensuring the system is relevant and the organization is using it to its optimal potential. They are in contact with Bynder on a regular basis to increase adoption, moreover the Portal Owners insure feedback gets to the right person. There should be a minimum of 1-2 owners per organization.


  • Update dashboard (homepage)

  • Manage users (in collaboration with the champions)

  • Update Guidelines

  • Maintain of assets and taxonomy (metaproperties)

  • Manage Waiting room

  • Organize feedback loop within Bynder

  • Train the Champions

Best practices and tasks:

  • Organize regular meetings with your internal Bynder Champions to give and get feedback from end users

  • Have regular updates with your Bynder Customer Service Manager

  • Join the Influitive community program, which is a Bynder Champion network to connect and network with like-minded experts in the industry. Check out

  • Send out NPS surveys to end users

  • Attend the monthly Bynder Master Class webinars


The Champion network is a group of people that are internal advocates of Bynder. They are the go-to people for end users and provide them with training. Minimum 1 person per department or geographical location with a regular or an admin profile type.


  • Stay up to date with Bynder developments

  • Give feedback to Portal owners

  • Provide training for end users

  • Act as a first-line support for end users

Best practices and tasks:

End users

The user group who uses Bynder on a daily/regular basis. End users are trained and kept informed by the Champions. Granted Light user profile type.


  • Use the product on a day-to-day basis

  • Provide feedback about possible needs or improvements to Bynder Champions

Best practices and tasks:

  • Give feedback to Champions to increase user experience

  • Receive all communication from Bynder via the Champions to increase adoption

  • Participate in surveys and NPS's

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