Manage Users

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As an administrator, you can manage all users in your portal. You can view user profile data and change details such as the email address, password, and user profile, or delete/deactivate users.


Create New Bynder Users

Learn how to add new Bynder users here.


Edit Users

If you need to update the user’s information, deactivate them, or update their group or permission profiles, you can edit them.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users & rights > User Management.
  2. Click Fields to select which fields you want to display in User Management.
  3. Either navigate, filter, or search for the user you want to edit.
  4. Click next to the user, then select Edit.
    • Alternatively, check the box next to the users you’d like to update and then click the corresponding button in the top navigation to update the users in batch.
  5. Update the user information, then click Save.
    • You can edit up to 1000 users at once.

    • The SSO option might not be visible if you have not yet set up SSO.

    • A maximum of 20 groups can be assigned at once.

Remove User Access

You can remove a user's access to your Bynder portal in two ways.

Deactivate User [recommended method]

    • When you deactivate an account, the account will remain available in the portal, but the user will no longer be able to login. If the user needs access again you can reactivate the account at any time.
    • The user account can be reactivated after 180 days or by contacting your Customer Success Manager
    • Learn more about deactivating users here.

Delete Users [use with caution]

  • When you delete a user account, the account and all user data will be permanently removed from the portal and database.
  • Assets and collections that are uploaded and created by this user will remain available. The Added by and Created by fields will indicate Removed user.
  1. Navigate to settings-icon-small.png Settings > Users & rights > User Management.

  2. Either navigate, filter, or search for the user you want to delete.

  3. Click three_dots.png next to the user.

    • Alternatively, check the box next to the user(s) that you’d like to delete.
  4. Click trash.pngDelete.

  5. Read the warning message and click Confirm.


    This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Manage Permission Profiles

Learn more about editing a user's permission profile here.

Enable Self-Service User Profile Management

Save yourself and other administrators time and allow (specific) permission profiles to manage their user profile themselves.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if the permission below is not available in your portal.


Users will not be able to change their email address or username. Only administrators can make these changes for user accounts.

  1. Navigate to settings-icon-small.png Settings > Users & rights > Permission Management.
  2. Click empty_box.pngnext to the Permission Profile(s) you want to allow to manage their user profiles themselves.
  3. Enable the permission Manage own user profile for the selected permission profile(s).
  4. Click Save.

Export User Data

You can export the available user profile data of your users to a CSV file.

Learn more here.

Group Management

User groups allow you to group together users, so you can set up the same restrictions or access level for users with different permission profiles.

Learn more here.

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