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Using the DAM as the glue between your different systems enables a single source of truth and consistency across channels that need access to the same content. Bynder offers several pre-built integrations, but you can use our APIs and SDKs if an integration does not exist or you prefer to build your connection.

Our API can retrieve assets and asset information, offering endpoints for other modules. Check our API guide if you are looking for more information on our API's calls, parameters, and responses.

In addition, we offer several SDKs to help you build your Bynder integrations, including Java, PHP, C#, and Javascript SDKs.


We allow 4500 requests from a single IP address in any five-minute time frame. When you have reached the maximum number of allowed requests, the exceeding requests will be blocked. When a request is rejected, you will receive the 403 (Forbidden, Request blocked) error returned via the API. If five minutes pass without requests from your IP address, we will lift the block, and you can send API requests again.


Important to note is that the limit is fixed and can't be increased.

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