Prepare Your Video Project for Studio

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Are you working on a video project in Adobe Premiere or another preferred video editing solution and would you like to have the video available in Studio? Find out below how you can prepare your video project for the specialist who will make your project available in Studio .

  1. Make sure your video project doesn't exceed 5 minutes as Studio supports creating creatives up to this length.

  2. Decide which assets in your video project are going to be dynamic and which elements will be static.

  3. Pre-render the assets that are going to be exported to Studio in your video editing software.

  4. Export your video project in your video editing software. The export should include a script, the pre-rendered assets and the assets to be used as dynamic assets.

  5. Send the export together with the static pre-rendered assets to the user who is going to make the video available in Studio.


    Use Bynder Express to share your files.

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