Storyteq Connector

Would you like to use your Bynder assets for your Storyteq (dynamic) template creation? Keep Bynder as your single source of truth and save yourself the time of uploading your assets twice. The connector allows you to directly import your Bynder assets into your Storyteq content making sure the assets are up-to-date and aligned with your branding.

Tell Me More About the Storyteq Connector

The Storyteq SaaS platform helps you to easily scale and improve you video and display creative production. Working with tailor-made video templates allows you to create, scale, and distribute content in multiple formats.

With the Storyteq Connector you can build brand templates using your Bynder image, video and/or audio assets. The connector makes use of our Compact View, so you can filter and search through your Bynder assets and add them to your Storyteq creatives. By having your assets centralized in Bynder you can ensure that the latest version of your assets is used and that they align with your brand identity.

How to Enable the Storyteq Connector

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in the Storyteq Connector. Once the connector has been set up you can connect Bynder through the Storyteq platform. Read more about it here.


A valid subscription with the Storyteq platform in order to make use of this connector.


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