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Content creation in Studio often involves different teams within an organization, from building templates to creating and exporting images or videos to administrators overseeing and managing the whole process. The permission profiles make the design creation process streamlined and easy to use.

Check out the available permissions below and read more about managing permission profiles here.

Admin User Permissions

  • Full access to view all designs, templates, and projects
  • Update sharing and ownership settings of all designs, projects, and templates
    • An Admin can't delete a Project, Design, or Template if they're only a Contributor (not Owner)
    • Manage brand colors

Regular User Permissions

  • Create designs from scratch and save them as templates
  • Open designs in the Editor to modify the layout, add or remove elements, and change timings (for video editing).
  • Control elements and lock elements that non-design expert users should not modify.
  • Create designs from templates and edit or update content such as text, images, video clips, etc.
  • Export designs

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