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Getty Images is a royalty-free image library where you can find countless creative stock photos, vector art illustrations, stock photography, and high-definition videos. The Getty integration automatically uploads licensed assets from your Getty account (or multiple accounts) to your Bynder DAM for a centralized asset management experience.

How to enable the Getty integration

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling the Getty Integration.

Important Information on Licensing

Before enabling this integration please check re-downloading rights with your Getty Account Manager. Each license agreement with Getty is unique, and only your Getty team will be able to determine what rights your account has. Specifically, this connector will re-download any asset that you or your organization downloaded within the current license term.

If your account does not have re-download rights, enabling this connection may cause duplicate downloads. That potentially impacts download limits under your account agreement. This connector is only compatible with the "Premium Access" licensing type.

Many enterprise accounts with Getty fall under that type. It will re-download any asset in the license history within the licensing term. Any assets licensed prior to that term will not be re-downloaded. Specific dates for those terms are only available from Getty.

How to set up the integration

  1. Navigate to brand_guidelines_image_settings.png Settings > Advanced settings > Portal settings.

  2. Click Browse Integrations in the left sidebar, then Configure in the Getty Images section.

  3. Enter a Name for this configuration and click Save.

  4. Review the information, then click Next

  5. If you've already configured a Bynder connection, it will be selected. If not, select New authentication to add your Bynder credentials:

    • Your authentication name: Enter a name for the authentication. 

    • Domain: Enter your unique domain by copying the URL of your Bynder portal (including https://).

  6. Click Create, then Next.

  7. Select New authentication to add your Getty username and password, then click Create

  8. Sync organization assets: If your profile has permission to view organization assets, you can import all assets across your entire organization.

    • Select True to sync all organizational assets.

    • Select False to sync assets licensed by the authenticated user only. 
  9. [optional] Sync assets after a date: You can control which assets are uploaded to Bynder based on when they were licensed. 

    • If a date is selected, only assets licensed after that date will be uploaded.

    • If left blank, all licensed assets will be uploaded to the DAM.

  10. [optional] Sync video: If you want Getty videos to be uploaded to your Bynder account, check the box to Sync video.

  11. [optional] Send To Waiting Room?: You can choose if assets should be sent to the waiting room or uploaded directly to the Asset Bank.

    • Check the box if you want assets from Getty to go to the waiting room for approval.

    • Leave the box unchecked to send all assets directly to the Asset Bank.

  12. Metaproperties: If you want to map certain Getty asset fields to your Bynder metaproperties you can do so by following these steps:

    1. Click Add Custom Field Mapping.

    2. Click Choose an option under Getty Field and select a field from the dropdown.

    3. Then, Choose an option under the Bynder Metaproperty that you’d like to map it to.


      If you leave this section blank, only the default metadata will map to Bynder. Learn more here

  13. Select Finish.

How to use the integration

After configuration, all licensed images (and videos, if enabled) for the connected Getty account will begin to upload to your Bynder DAM or waiting room, depending on your configuration. Moving forward, any licensed asset will automatically upload to Bynder roughly 2 hours after you license it.

If you delete a Getty asset from the Bynder DAM it will not automatically be reuploaded to your Bynder DAM. If you delete a Getty asset from your Getty account or if your license expires, it will not automatically be deleted from Bynder.

Edit the integration

You can edit the configuration if you want to disable the integration, update your Getty settings, sync (or no longer sync) videos, or edit your Getty credentials.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced settings > Portal settings.
  2. Click Active Integrations in the left sidebar, then Edit in the section of the connection that you would like to update.
  3. Make your changes, then click Save.

Metaproperty information

The following metaproperties will automatically update with the following details. Ensure that the metaproperties are enabled in your Bynder taxonomy in order for the information to map. 

You can map additional Getty metadata to Bynder metaproperties during the integration configuration. 

  • Description: Photo credit information

  • Copyright: License model

  • Tags: Getty, author/photographer name, and the Getty ID


What types of files are supported?

  • Images, vectors, and video (optional) are supported for the Getty integration.

What happens to the asset if I delete it from my Bynder portal (or vice versa)?

  • If you delete an asset from your Bynder portal, it will remain in your Getty account, and if you delete an asset from your Getty account or the license expires, it will remain in your Bynder portal.

Once I connect my Getty account to Bynder, how long will it take to see my assets in Bynder?

  • The updates will run on a ~2-hour interval - so every ~2 hours, your Getty assets will be pushed to your Bynder portal.

Is a specific Getty license type required for the integration?

  • This integration is only compatible with the "Premium Access" licensing type.

What if we have multiple Getty accounts?

  • Each Getty account will need to be configured and connected. There is no limit to how many accounts you can configure.

Are Getty assets uploaded directly to my DAM or the waiting room?

  • Licensed assets can be uploaded directly to your Asset Bank or the waiting room, depending on how you configure the integration.

Which Getty metadata will transfer with the Bynder assets? 

  • The metaproperties automatically transferred over from Getty are photo credit, license model, and tags: Getty, author/photographer name, and the Getty ID. In addition, you can map additional Getty metadata to Bynder metaproperties during the integration configuration.

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