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Stackla is a social media platform that helps brands optimize use of authentic user-generated content (UGC) across all their marketing channels.

This integration allows users to send user-generated content captured via the Stackla platform directly into Bynder. Assets can be sent manually as well as automatically when they're rights approved within Stackla. You can set up whether assets should directly go into the Bynder Asset Bank or to the Waiting Room first where they will be pending approval. All assets can be exported but, if necessary, you can limit exporting assets to right approved assets only. Assets will include additional metadata tags, as well as, the rights approval status from the original content creator.

  • Quick and easy access to rights-approved user-generated visuals from Stackla

  • Automatic transfer of UGC metadata from Stackla to Bynder

How to Install and Configure the Stackla Connector?

Read more about installing and configuring the Stackla Connector here.

How to Use the Stackla Connector?

  1. Click Assets in the left sidebar to go to the Stackla Asset Manager.

  2. Go to the asset you want to add to Bynder and click the hamburger_menu.png button to open the Stackla asset menu.

  3. Click Bynder in the Send to section of the menu, which will send the asset to Bynder. Wait for the confirmation message to appear.

  4. (Optional) Repeat step 3 and for as often as necessary to send other assets to Bynder as well.

Depending on the configuration of your Stackla Connector the asset will now be directly available in the Asset Bank of your portal or is pending approval in the Waiting Room.

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