Salsify Connector

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Salsify’s PIM helps customers deliver engaging product experiences for every channel and every shopper you need more than a place to store and manage your data. This bi-directional integration makes the DAM the single source of truth for product images, specs documentation, and product marketing materials. New versions, expired statuses, and additional metadata changes are always kept in sync so users are confident they are using the most up-to-date content in the platform they use most.

  • Uploaded assets and associated metadata in Bynder will automatically sync with Salsify

  • Enrich assets in Bynder with product information (like SKU, product name, product category, and more) from Salsify

  • Use Salsify metadata to find product images in Bynder

  • View in Bynder where product images are used

  • Runs on client Azure instance or can be hosted

  • Customizable for individual client use cases

We offer two Salsify Connectors that 

  • Salsify Connector built by Gournay Consulting here. This version is hosted in Gourney's Innovations Portal.
  • Salsify Connector built by The 543 Group here.

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