Add Images, Videos, and Audio to Designs in Studio

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A design is made up of several elements such as images, videos, shapes, audio, and text. You can either select images, videos, or audio that are stored in the Asset Bank or upload the assets directly in the personal Uploads section of Studio.

Learn about supported file formats in Studio


  • Images can be added to image designs, while images videos, and audio can be added to video designs. 
  • Audio can only be uploaded as a global track. 

Add an Image, Video, or Audio

  1. Navigate to Studio and then select an existing design or create a new one.
  2. Add the image, video, or audio:
    • Image Design: Click + new layer in the layer panel, then select Image.
    • Videos Design Click + Add asset in the timeline editor, then select Image, Video.
      • Note: To add Audio you must upload a global audio track on the right pane of the design.
  3. Browse or search for the asset you’d like to add in the Global Assets or Uploads section.
    • Global Assets: This section includes the assets, as well as the collections, available in your Asset Bank.
    • Uploads: This section includes the assets, as well as the collections, that you’ve uploaded to your personal Uploads section. Learn more here.
  4. Select the asset.
  5. Click Add asset.

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