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The information below is for Brand Guidelines 1.0. Check out our section on Brand Guidelines 2.0 for the latest version of Brand Guidelines.

You can create chapters and pages in your guidelines. You can change the hierarchy of pages, monitor versions, style the text and share articles.

To be able to see the guidelines, you need the Show guidelines permission. To edit guidelines, create articles or view draft versions, you need the Edit guide permission as well.

Create articles in guidelines

  1. Go to Guidelines.

  2. In the left-hand navigation, click Edit pages.

  3. Click + Add chapter and enter the chapter name.

  4. Click + Add new page.

  5. Enter the name for the page and click the arrow to create the page.

  6. Enable the edit mode for the page and click Add paragraph.

  7. Click in the paragraph to display the wiziwig. Work with the wiziwig:

    • If you want to modify the options provided by the editor, you can click Source and modify the source directly by means of HTML tags.

    • To add columns, click add_column.png and select the style. In this way, you can also add an image and wrap it in a text.

    • To insert a link, click url_icon.png and enter the URL.

    • To insert an iFrame, click the iframe_guidelines.png icon in the WYSIWYG editor. A popup will open. Insert the link of your iFrame in the first field. Optionally, you can review and configure the other options available in the popup. Click OK to insert your iFrame.

    • To link to a place in the same article, create an anchor. Click flag_icon.png , select the text that refers to the section where you have just placed the anchor, click url_icon.png , and select Link to anchor in the text from the Link Type drop-down.

    • To link to another article, select the text you want to link, click url_icon.png ,select Link to page from the Link Type drop-down and from the Link to page drop-down, select the article to link to.

    • To add an image, click add_image_guidelines.png. Click Browse Server in the Image Info tab to add an image from your Bynder portal. You can also upload an image from your computer. Open the Upload tab and click Choose file. Select the image you want to upload, click Send it to the Server and finish by clicking OK.


      The maximum file size of assets uploaded from outside the portal is 2.5 MB.

    • To place images side by side, click the table icon and place the images in 2 cells in a table row.

    • If you want to paste the text from another source, click plain-text.png and paste it as plain text.

  8. Click Save to save your article. This will save the page as a new draft version of your page. Only users with the Edit guidelines permission setting will be able to view the draft pages.

  9. To publish the article, click globe_icon.png. When you publish the article, it will be visible to other users.

  10. (Optional) Decide on permissions for the article.

Manage articles

Enable the edit mode to work with your guidelines pages.

  • Click previous_icon.png to see the previous versions and their status. You can also see the users who archived or published versions. Click on the version and close the pop-up to see the version.


    You need to have the Show guidelines and Edit guide permissions to see draft versions.

  • Click share_icon.png to share this article in an email.

  • Select table-of-contents.png to see the list of the headlines you have formatted as a title in the article.

  • To edit existing guidelines, click on the page in the navigation and enable the edit mode for the page. Enter the changes, save them and publish the article. The newly published page will now be visible to all users, and the formerly published page will be saved as an archived page.

  • To delete a published article, click Edit pages in the left-hand navigation, click on the page and click the trash.png icon.

  • To delete a previous version of an article, click previous_icon.png to open versions overview, hover over the version and click the bin icon.

  • In the left-hand navigation, click Edit pages, click the chapter or a page and click the settings icon that displays. Manage the settings of the page and chapter. For example, decide who has access to your article. See Hide pages in guidelines.

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