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The information below is for Styleguide Check out our section on Brand Guidelines 2.0 for the latest version of Brand Guidelines.

You can add chapters and pages to your guidelines and decide on the article hierarchy.

Add chapters

  1. Go to Guidelines.

  2. Click Edit pages in the left-hand navigation.

  3. Click + Add chapter and enter the name for the chapter.

  4. To edit chapter settings, click the settings icon.

  5. Click +Add new page and enter the name for the page.

  6. To edit page settings, click the settings icon.


Manage chapter and page settings

  • Manage who should be able to see the chapter and the pages in this chapter. See Hide pages in guidelines.

  • Upload an image to create a tile. See Create tiles for pages and chapters.

  • In the chapter settings, in the Show drop-down, select one of the following:

    • First page - to display the first page underneath the chapter and the chapter's introduction. You can enter the introduction in the Add introtext section.

    • Show chapters - to display the overview of all chapters if you click on the first chapter in the left-hand navigation. If you have added tiles to chapters, these tiles will display.

    • Show pages - if you have uploaded tiles for pages, this setting will display the tiles in an overview.

  • To move chapters and pages up and down in the navigation, click the page or a chapter and click move-pages.png. Next, drag and drop the page in the new place. If you move the chapter, the pages underneath it will move as well.

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