Asset Workflow (Previously Creative Workflow)

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Creative Workflow is now called Asset Workflow.


With Asset Workflow, you can brief, proof, and approve digital assets in a collaborative, efficient, and streamlined way. Asset Workflow allows you to effortlessly manage content versions, capture vital feedback, and maintain brand compliance. You can provide advanced proofing, direct feedback management on digital assets, and collaborate on task assignments and workflow stages.

Streamline creative collaboration

  • Bring internal and external stakeholders together
  • Provide feedback directly on an asset
  • Centralize all feedback in one place

Finalize assets faster

  • Centralize and track creative requests
  • Speed up review and approval of digital assets

Ensure brand compliance

  • Entire version history and comparison
  • Ensure only final, brand-approved assets are used
  • Adhere to brand guidelines and compliance standards

How to enable this feature?

Contact you Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling this module and any associated costs.

Navigating Asset Workflow

The sidebar available in Asset Workflow allows you to navigate through the module. Click Campaigns to go to the Campaign overview screen and click All jobs to access all the jobs you have permission to view. You can also click an individual campaigns in the sidebar to see an overview of the jobs that are part of that campaign.


Jobs and campaigns

Asset Workflow consists of two essential elements: campaigns and jobs. Each campaign can have multiple jobs. Jobs consist of one or more stages, which can include individual tasks. Both tasks and stages can be assigned to users or groups.


If you click on Asset Workflow in your brand portal, you will see an overview of campaigns. Campaigns are like categories on a high level, comparable with different types of projects. So, if you are a tech company, one of the Campaigns could be "Launch of the new Product X." For more information on campaigns, see Manage campaigns.


Jobs are all the tasks that are part of a campaign. You can view all jobs by clicking All Jobs in the sidebar. A process job is used as a sequence of to-do lists, where users can check tasks per stage and send them to the following user responsible. For more information on jobs, see Manage jobs.

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