Exploring Analytics Packages

Bynder offers three levels of analytics: Light (default), Standard, and Advanced. Each level provides insights into your portal content's performance and ROI. You can analyze your taxonomy to identify necessary changes, understand user behavior and group usage patterns, and determine content creation needs based on what is performing well and what isn't being utilized.

Not sure which package is for you? Check out the comparison chart below.


For organizations just beginning their journey with digital asset management. Track usage against contractual limits and basic top-level usage.


For organizations looking to understand the ROI from their DAM. Report overall usage and high-level insights into top-performing content.


For organizations aiming to maximize ROI, optimize content creation, streamline administration, and support struggling users. Enhance findability, identify new content opportunities, and assist users with adoption and other challenges.

How to upgrade your analytics package?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to upgrade your analytics package and learn about associated costs.

Comparison Chart

    Track use Report Optimise
    Light Standard Advanced
Track vs contract Track Storage vs Contractual limit
  Track the number of User seats vs the Contractual limit.
Report basic usage Report on the number of Assets
  Report on Asset Bank usage (Downloads, Views, Uploads, etc)
  Report on Workflow usage (Jobs created, completed & overdue)
Report user activity Report on login trends
  Report on user trends & segments
Report content activity Report on your top 10 Downloaded Assets
  Report on your top 10 Viewed Assets
Improve content Identify all top-performing assets to create more similar content
  Identify new content ideas based on search activity.
Share & Control Easily Identify who has access to which content via where
  Identify where all Assets are being shared.
  Understand who's downloading Assets and from where
  Identify top performing Collections to increase their use further.
  Clean up unused Collections.
Support your users Identify who is not using the DAM and track improvements over time
  Identify top content creators to share their best practices.
  Identify users and groups that are in need of extra assistance with the DAM
Improve findability Report the top 10 search terms
  Highlight or deprecate taxonomy based on their usage
  Update Taxonomy based on 0 search results. s.
  Offer support to users to find the content they need
Intended Use Report on top usage reasons & trends
  Understand reasons for all taxonomy segments.
  Understand reasons for all user segments.
Studio Report on basic Studio usage
  Report on top 10 Studio designs
  Identify top-performing content
  Identify top content creators to share their best practices.
  Identifying who's (not) using Studio
DAT Understand how often Assets are being served externally

Identify the websites your Assets are being served on
Content Workflow Report on basic Content Workflow usage
  Identify user & workflow bottlenecks.
  Identify top users to share best practices.
Brand Guidelines Report on basic use Brand Guidelines
  Report on top Brand Guidelines pages
  Report on top user segments

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