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Learn how to set up custom fonts and styling of your typography in Brand Guidelines.  With theme sets you can customize the available typographies by setting a name, font family, style, size and color parameters and define the text styling for your Brand Guidelines pages.

Learn more about custom fonts

By default we use the Source Sans Pro font for the content of your Brand Guidelines. Custom fonts allow you to customize your text styles via theme sets in Brand Guidelines.

How to Upload Custom Fonts?

At this moment custom fonts can only be uploaded by Bynder. Contact your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager and provide them with the font file. We support the .OTF and .TTF font format file extensions.

How to Configure Fonts & Typography?

  1. Navigate to the Brand Guidelines overview page. Click the three_dots.png button and click theme set

  2. Click the theme set you want to modify.

  3. Click Fonts &Typography in the left sidebar. Here you can configure the name, font family, style, size, and font color for the available text element.

  4. Click the text that you’d like to customize.

  5. Click the Edit button.

  6. Update the Name to make it more clear to your users.

  7. In the Font family dropdown, select the desired (custom) font.

  8. In the Font style dropdown, select the preferred style.

  9. Enter the desired font size in the Font size field.Use the color picker to set the appropriate font color.

  10. Click Save


Note: You can't change the typography for the Bynder theme set.

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