How to Set Up Brand Guidelines?

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Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling Brand Guidelines and any associated costs.

  1. Let us know if you want to track your Brand Guidelines usage in Google Analytics. If Google Analytics has already been set up for your portal it will automatically track Brand Guidelines as well. Read more about it here. The following insights will be available:

    • Guide Overview Page Views

    • Guide Views

    • Guide Page Views

  2. Once Brand Guidelines are set up, you can configure which user profiles can manage guides and write content and which profiles should only have viewing rights.

    Go to settings_menu.png Settings > Users & rights > Permission Management and set up the necessary permissions for the user profiles in your portal.


    Users with this permission can manage all guides and their content. This includes setting a cover image, managing access rights, changing the title or deleting a guide. The role is referred to as ‘editors’ and is intended for portal administrators.


    Users with this permission can create guides with content, manage their own content and view guides created by other users that are set to be visible to them. They cannot manage or modify guides that have been created by others.


    Users with this permission can view the content of all guides that are set to be visible to them. They cannot add or edit any guides or content.


    In order to avoid conflicting user rights only one Brand Guidelines permission can be set up per permission profile.

  3. (Optional) Set up additional upload right. Users need the following rights in order to add media to pages in Brand Guidelines 2.0:

    • Upload assets

    • Mark assets as public

Now that your Brand Guidelines are set up you can start creating content. Check out the Quick Start Guide.

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