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When you upload a new video to your Asset Library, by default the first frame is chosen as a thumbnail. It might happen that the thumbnail is a black frame. If you have a series of black thumbnails, it hard to recognize a specific video. That is why, you might want to edit the thumbnail to be more meaningful and recognizable for users.


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How to edit a video thumbnail?

  1. Click the asset you want to update.

  2. Open the Edit tab.

  3. Expand the Generate new thumbs tab.

  4. Select the frame you prefer as a thumbnail with your mouse and click Current video position.

The new thumbnail will be generated within a few minutes.

You can also automate the video thumbnail generation so that you do not have to manually change it for every video. For example, you can decide that a thumbnail should be created from the screen that appears after 4 seconds of the video have passed.

Contact your Customer Success Manger if you would like to have this feature enabled for your portal.

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