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When you upload or edit files, you can relate other assets that have something in common or should be connected. For example, you might want to relate logos and images to the brochure that they’re used in, a model or photography release form to the corresponding images, or all assets from a photoshoot. Using the related assets, your users can easily see related material and quickly navigate to one of the linked assets.

Configure the Related Assets Functionality

To relate assets, it will first need to be enabled in your portal. You can configure it using the steps below if it wasn’t enabled during the onboarding process.

Who Can Set Up the Relate Assets Functionality?

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.pngSettings > Taxonomy > Metaproperties management.

  2. Click the add_content.pngAdd to create a new metaproperty.

  3. Enter Related_assets into the Namefield and Related assets in the Label field.

  4. Select Linked assets as the Type.

  5. Set the Z- index.

  6. Select Image bank as the Module.

  7. Enable the following options: Searchable, Editable, Display field, Main Filter, and Drilldown results

  8. Save your metaproperty.

Relate Assets

Relate Assets During Upload or when Batch Editing assets

  1. Select assets within the portal and click the edit_icon.png or upload new assets.

  2. Select Related assets in the data editor left sidebar.

  3. Click Add related assets to relate assets to the selected assets.

    • Use the available filters and/or search bar to find the assets you want to relate to the current selection, select them, and click Add media.

  4. Check the Relate uploaded assets to each other box to relate the selected assets in the upload/batch edit screen to each other.

  5. Click Store/Save selected files.


Click for a visual walkthrough

Relate Assets With an Existing Single Asset

  1. Select an asset.

  2. Click the Edit tab in the right sidebar and select Related Assets.

  3. Click + Add related assets.

    • Use the available filters and/or search bar to find the assets you want to relate, select them, and click Addmedia.

  4. Click Save.


The selected assets will only be related to the original assets; they will not be related to each other.

View Related Assets

Select an asset, and you will find the related assets in the Related Assets section below the asset preview.

How to Remove Related Assets


Click for a visual walkthrough

  1. Select the asset.

  2. Click the Edit tab in the right sidebar and select Related Assets. The related assets will be listed.

  3. Click the delete_VBS.png button next to the related asset that you want to remove.


    Click the delete_VBS.png button won't delete the asset(s) from the DAM; it will only remove it as a related asset.

  4. Click Save


    You may have to refresh the page in order to see the changes.

Alternative options to Related Assets

If you would like to update the original file of an asset without having to tag the asset from scratch, you might want to instead upload your updated file as a new version.

If you would like to add a new download option for users with specific customizations, such as crop or format, you might want to upload your modified file as a manual derivative instead.

To upload supporting files that contain extra information on detailed or supporting (background) information about the asset, you might want to instead use the additional files functionality.

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