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Bynder can automatically recognize that certain images are part of the InDesign or Adobe Illustrator file. If you click on the image, then in the detail view Bynder will show the JPG files as ingredients, which makes the feature similar related assets, only these assets are related automatically. Assets in the Waiting room are also analyzed.


For Package Analysis to recognize your ingredient files correctly they need to be uploaded to your portal either before uploading the INDD or together with the INDD file. This is because there is a reference to the image in the Illustrator/ INDD file that package analysis uses to discover and relate files. So the ingredient files will not be linked if you upload them after the INDD file has already been uploaded.


Technical background of Package analysis

Bynder analyzes EXIF data to find reference images. When multiple files are uploaded, Bynder first checks the batch for related assets, and then searches the Asset Library. If a reference image is there, it is related.

How to download a package?

  1. Open one of the related assets.

  2. When your assets are related, you can click the Download package button to download the InDesign file together with the related items as one package in a ZIP file.


How to enable this feature?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this feature enabled for your portal?

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