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To help you navigate fields, and enter and modify data, you can make use of our accessibility features available in the edit and upload screen. In this way, you can use your keyboard when you upload and edit single or multiple assets.

You can also use the accessibility feature to navigate your filters.


  • Use the Tab key in the upload and edit screen to navigate the available metaproperties and expand their options. If a metaproperty is a text field, the Tab key will activate the field so that you can immediately enter text there.

  • If you've modified a field and press the Tab key to move to another field, your changes will be saved.

  • For multi-select options, use Shift + Tab to move the highlight up the list and the Tab key to move the highlight down the list.

Shift + Tab

  • When you're editing an asset from within the Asset Detail View, use the Shift + Tab key combination to move up to the previous metaproperty.


  • On the Asset detail page, use the Enter key to save modified data. Enter is also used to select autocomplete options or tags.


  • Use the spacebar to choose and clear Select metaproperty options.


It might happen that the Tab key does not work as described in Safari. Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced and select Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage.

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