Optimize Your Search with the Search Bar

The search bar is a powerful tool to search for assets, collections, guides, chapters, and pages in your portal. Your portal is enabled Boolean search by default but can be enabled with Sticky Search.

Tips for Using Search Bar

Search Help: Select Search Help at the bottom of the search results list for more information on search operators and accessibility.

Types of Content: You can search for assets, collections, guides, chapters, and pages. 

Recent Searches: Clicking the search bar shows your recent searches.

Highlighted Results: The system highlights descriptions, copyrights, and tags that match your query to help you understand why certain results are returned.

Searching Specific Terms

  • Exact Matches: Use quotation marks for exact searches, e.g., "Boston skyline".
  • AND Operator: Use AND to include all terms, e.g., Boston AND skyline.
  • OR Operator: Use OR to include either term, e.g., Boston OR skyline.
  • NOT Operator: Use AND NOT to exclude terms, e.g., Boston AND NOT skyline

Advanced Searching Tips

  • Search by Multiple Codes: Use the OR operator to search for multiple product codes, e.g., SK128945 OR DE438765.
  • Keywords with Separators: For exact matches with keywords containing separators, escape special characters, e.g., ("Bynder_1" OR "Bynder_2").

Smart Filters

Use smart filters in the filter bar to refine your search results by color, tags, and more. Add or remove filters easily to adjust results dynamically. 

Boolean vs. Sticky Search

  • Boolean Search: The default search type allows you to apply multiple search filters with operators like AND, OR, and NOT.
  • Sticky Search: If enabled, the search query remains visible in the search bar, allowing quick modifications. To enable this option please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Search Operators

Name Operator Example Explanation
AND operator AND Summer AND Paris Returns results matching all terms separated by AND.
OR operator OR Summer OR Paris Returns results matching any terms separated by OR.
NOT operator NOT Winter NOT Summer Excludes results matching the term following NOT.
Exact search "" "Summer campaign" Returns results that exactly match the quoted term.
Combinations AND NOT Summer AND NOT Paris Returns results matching the combination of operators.

Accessibility Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Close search ESC ESC
Navigate to next result Arrow down (↓) Arrow down (↓)
Navigate to previous result Arrow up (↑) Arrow up (↑)
Go to Asset Bank results Enter Return

Determining Search Results

Search results are ranked by relevance, with the highest scores given to matches in titles, tags, and metaproperty options and lower scores given to matches in filenames, descriptions, and document contents.

Separator Characters

Specific characters like -, _, spaces, and periods function as separators, breaking up words into sections. Each section's first 20 characters are indexed on a character-by-character basis.

For example, if an asset's tag is animal, the values will be indexed as a & an & ani & anim & animal.

Maximum Search Characters

The suggested limit for search queries for both search types is 5,000 characters, including spaces (counted as three characters each). Exceeding this limit may result in errors.

Extending Search Externally

If no results are found, you can extend the search to external sources like Google or integrated services like Shutterstock.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how to customize your portal’s search capability.



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