Use Filenames as Title

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Upon adding your files, you have the option to keep the original filename as the file title or choose a different name following a specific naming convention.

Check out Bynder Community for some file naming convention best practices.

How to Enable this Feature?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn about this feature and any associated costs. 

Asset Detail View

If enabled, you can display the original filename of the asset in the info tab of the asset detail view.  


Using Original Filename as Asset Title During Upload 

Learn how to set the file name as the Asset title during upload here.  


  • The character limit for the asset title field is 400 characters. 
  • Contact Customer Support if you would like to have the box automatically ticked during upload. 
  • This option is not available in the Waiting Room or when you export assets from Asset Workflow to the asset bank or waiting room.
  • Contact Customer Support if you would like the original file name of the file to appear below the thumbnail of your asset during upload. 


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