Manual Derivatives

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If you are looking to have derivatives created automatically during upload, information can be found in Create Image Derivatives.

This article explains how add a manual derivative. A manual derivative is when you customize a version of a video or image outside of Bynder, then upload it into your Portal.


Who can upload a manual derivative?

  1. Navigate to your Portal.

  2. Select and open the asset for which you want to upload a manual derivative.

  3. Open the Versions tab.

  4. In the Manual Derivatives section, click add_manual_derivative.png Click to add a file to select and upload your manual derivative.

  5. Your manual derivative will be uploaded and available for download in the Info tab.

How to Download a Manual Derivative

  1. Navigate to your Portal.
  2. Select and open the asset you want to download the deritaive.
  3. Go to the Manual Derivatives section in the Info tab of the right sidebar
  4. Click the manual derivative to start the download.


Manual derivatives cannot be exposed via API and will not be available in any integration.

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