Create and export assets as a contact sheet

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Bynder has deprecated the Contact Sheet View in the Assets Overview Page. That means that as of July 25, 2022 you will no longer be able to view your assets using the Contact Sheet view, nor use the Export-to-PDF button. Workarounds that allow you to achieve the same goals are included below.


If you are a Bynder customer who previously used the Show in contact sheet view in the settings of your metaproperties, we suggest the following:

  • Review which metaproperties had the Show in Contact sheet view setting enabled.

  • Consider enabling the Show in list view or Show in grid view settings to display metaproperty option labels next to the asset thumbnail in the respective asset overview views.

  • Learn more about these settings here.

If you are a Bynder customer that previously used the Export to PDF feature to provide PDFs with assets to users outside of Bynder:

  • Consider providing a Bynder login to the recipients of the PDFs. This allows users to use Bynder’s full functionality and avoids relying on outdated PDFs.

  • Create a collection that includes the assets you previously listed in the exported PDF. You can share collections with Bynder users and those without a login. Learn more here.

  • Use direct links to filters and search results. For example, you could create a filter to all assets tagged with a specific metaproperty option. Learn more here.

  • Use 3rd party screenshot software tooling. Most tools provide ‘scrolling capture’ screenshots, which provide you with a similar outcome as the PDFs from Bynder.

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