Enabling SNS Notifications

You can monitor changes in your brand portal with the Amazon Simple Notification Service (AWS SNS). This service will automatically notify another system whenever a change occurs in your portal. Instead of continuously checking our API for changes, an external system can be notified automatically via SNS in case of a change. A notification can be sent when a new asset or asset version is uploaded, or asset metadata is updated, archived, or deleted.

These notifications can be sent via email or SMS. It is possible to send them to Amazon SQS and an HTTP/S or API endpoint. The recipient receives the message in JSON format, which contains the information about the change (type of change, asset ID, time of change). An API call can then be made to check the actual change in the brand portal. Read more about AWS SNS here. If you are using an HTTPS endpoint, please look at this AWS documentation to ensure your endpoint is set up to receive SNS Notifications properly.


Bynder only supports standard SQS queues. SQS FIFO queues aren't supported.

Which SNS notifications are supported

The table below lists the SNS notifications that are currently supported. The Name column indicates the name value of the SNS notification that will be sent to the external system.

SNS notification


Media uploaded to Asset Bank.

This applies to each asset uploaded via the Mass Uploader


New version uploaded to existing media or change of active version

asset_bank.media.updated*see note

Media set to archived

asset_bank.media.archived*see note

Media deleted


Media metadata change (title, description, or any metaproperty change)

asset_bank.media.meta_updated*see note

A New Asset Workflow job is created in the portal or via the API

workflow. Job. create


*When an Asset is marked as Archived material, two (2) notifications are sent:
  • asset_bank.media.meta_updated
  • asset_bank.media.archived
*When moving an Archived asset from Archive status to Active, only "asset_bank.media.meta_updated" is sent.

What does a SNS notification look like

You can find an example of an 'asset_bank.media.deleted' SNS notification in JSON format below, which follows the same formatting as returned via our API.

        "media_id": "29***99D-BA27-***B-94E0F070DA***CAC",
        "media": {
                "userCreated": "Integrations Bynder",
                "limited": 0,
                "downloads": 0,
                "views": 0,
                "watermarked": 0,
                "mediaItems": [{
                        "version": 1,
                        "active": 1,
                        "dateCreated": "2019-12-10T10:35:14Z",
                        "fileName": null,
                        "id": "141***DD-E8C4-***B-A4CC949B1E4E0F27",
                        "size": 3824,
                        "height": 19,
                        "width": 24,
                        "focusPoint": {
                                "x": 12.0,
                                "y": 9.5
                }, {
                        "version": 1,
                        "active": 1,
                        "dateCreated": "2019-12-10T10:35:14Z",
                        "fileName": null,
                        "id": "D463***C-EA27-4E9B-8B***2309B62BE87",
                        "size": 1670,
                        "height": 19,
                        "width": 24,
                        "focusPoint": {
                                "x": 12.0,
                                "y": 9.5
                "activeOriginalFocusPoint": {
                        "x": 12.0,
                        "y": 9.5
                "archive": 0,
                "brandId": "8F7***4F-***8-4F32-902E2501A6433462",
                "copyright": "",
                "datePublished": "2019-12-10T10:35:13Z",
                "dateCreated": "2019-12-10T10:35:13Z",
                "description": "",
                "dateModified": "2020-02-07T16:30:16Z",
                "extension": ["png"],
                "fileSize": 1670,
                "height": 19,
                "id": "29***99D-BA27-***B-94E0F070DA5DECAC",
                "idHash": "55261de977ff5163",
                "isPublic": 0,
                "name": "test",
                "orientation": "landscape",
                "tags": [],
                "type": "image",
                "width": 24,
                "property_Country": ["France", "Germany", "Belgium"]

How to enable SNS notifications

Provide your Customer Success Manager with the information below to set up SNS notifications for your brand portal.

  1. Which SNS notifications you would like enabled

  2. Which channel do you want the SNS notifications sent to?

  3. Provide details for that channel, such as the email address, phone number, API/HTTP/S endpoint, etc.

  4. (If applicable) Provide your SQS Amazon Resource Name (ARN) if you want SNS notifications sent to Amazon SQS.

  5. Confirm the subscription in case you subscribed to email SNS notifications. You will receive an email from AWS to confirm your subscription.

  6. (Optional) Implement a few seconds delay before consulting the API after receiving an SNS notification. SNS notifications are sent out right after assets are uploaded or modified. However, the changes may not immediately be available in the database and, therefore, not returned via the API. With a slight delay, you will receive the correct updated results via the API.


The only authentication method available at Bynder for the HTTPS endpoint is 'Basic' HTTP Authentication. Please send your customer success manager a username and password, and they can enable basic access authentication.


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